Management of Private Loans and Micro Business Crisis: who we are


Loan Management: Few manage it well

Loan Management: Few manage it well

AND Solution Loans: the First “Specialists in Financial Crisis Resolution and Loan Management for Individuals and Micro Enterprises” Loan management of private and micro businesses. Here’s what we specialize in.

From 2010 to today we have negotiated Loans of all kinds, managed financial crises in every situation, for every client, private or micro company, throughout Italy. Before US in Italy, no one had ever thought about the needs of private individuals or micro-enterprises, who can no longer pay their Loans. Those non-fallible micro-enterprises, so to speak, those where the owner coincides with the workforce and whose sweat mixes at most with that of two or three collaborators, more often familiar.

In general, the largest and most organized company already has its own trusted representatives, to manage crisis states. And in the event of an unsolvable crisis, the ( old, as is indeed the case in Italy) bankruptcy law has existed for a long time – Bankruptcy Law – Royal Decree of 16 March 1942, n. 267. There are also hundreds of professional offices specializing in corporate and bankruptcy crisis management.

Often, even the artisan who has enlarged his workshop to the point of being able to buy the Porsche, has a financial experience (albeit minimal) and a different emotional approach than a private individual, a small professional or trader.

Indeed, managing the Loans of individuals or micro-enterprises is another sport.

Less technical difficulties than company crises, (not even much in reality) but a monstrously hostile battlefield.

It’s often like going to war and trying to defend a “trenchmate” – the client – who doesn’t understand your language so well. And that, sometimes, he always suspects you are an enemy in disguise. Difficult to do, but necessary. Because, in the Italian families, the need was felt for a long time.

And we, we were the FIRST to take up the challenge, and to put ourselves face to face. 

Since 2010, in Italy, we have been the first to assist inLoaned families, along with bakers, restaurateurs, mechanics, plumbers, journalists, shopkeepers, service agencies, various professionals, newsagents, bartenders and so on and so forth.

We listened to their needs, addressed their problems, suggested solutions. We did it with at least 15,000 different subjects. This allowed us to design the “Half Loan” System successfully tested on almost 2000 cases and the result of well over 20,000 hours of consultancy! 

We did it before the state noticed the need for a law, to tackle the serious Loan problem (approved only at the end of January 2012 – Law 3/2012 “Save suicides”).

In this regard, what is Law 3 save suicides. In fact, we had already been in the trenches for over two years and were negotiating, fighting and resolving Loans, on behalf of our customers, saving them a lot of money (which they would never have had) and a lot of trouble.

Yeah, because of “trench” it was. To make WAR with the banks, with the financials, with the RECOVERY OF CREDITS, with the VERY widespread suspicion of those who shouted to the nth scam.

When we started, the consultant who “helps you solve your Loans” was more unknown than the UFOs that are locked up in Nevada’s 51 area.

Telling a bank, Loan collector, financial advisor and even a potential client that you were part of a “Loan Management Agency” was almost like trying to explain the theory of relativity in Italian to a Himba pastor of Namibia.

An almost impossible mission. But since then, we’ve come a long way. Our cars have traveled through real “war paths” throughout the boot.

Almost 3 MILLION KM and (as of today – March 2018) 10 scrapped cars, certify our experience.

Fortunately, the worst is over for us and for those who have been helped by us.

All these years of informative disclosure and many satisfied customers, have destroyed distrust and finally, the financial interlocutors (banks and finance companies) have understood the importance of having an effective intermediary, who speaks perfectly his language and therefore can really help both of them reach favorable agreements.

Meanwhile, here’s what people who know us and trusted us say:

Customer Testimonials of ED Solution Debts

Here see other testimonials.

A tried and tested system, the “Siste Debt” system, conceived by the Founder, Marcos Glorette and built on the basis of the important collaboration with prestigious professionals and first-rate law firms, has allowed thousands of people and small businesses to find your financial balance.

Millions of euros forgiven in installments (discounted, basically) and thousands of repayment plans with reasonable installments, have allowed many subjects to be able to pay their Loans sustainably. Many families did not have to leave their homes, even when they were already at auction.

Hundreds have solved problems even with legal actions in progress and many others have even been reimbursed with fees and expenses for several thousand euros, for amounts unduly withheld by the banks.

Miracles? No, nobody does those.

Some situations are unsolvable, others, if taken in time, can SAVE the worst. The first thing you need to do is inform yourself. DON’T STOP!  One thing is certain, if you have problems with over-inLoanedness, the more you look, the worse it is.

Is a Personal Loan Suitable for my Business?

Your personal finances and those of your business must always be separated in order not to put your savings and assets at risk. A personal loan to invest in your business a few years ago gave you the benefit of speed. Nowadays, with Financial Technology companies like Dirosher, obtaining a loan for your business is much faster and safer.

You must take into account the needs of your business when applying for a loan. The factors that are analyzed in a personal loan and in a business loan are different and you can have less benefits if you opt for a personal loan and not one specifically for your business.

Business loans

Business loans

If you turn to a bank, time is an important factor. The process you must follow is not as immediate as it is for a personal loan. What takes longer in a loan for business in the bank is the review of documents. This can take up to a month. Financial Technology companies just attack this factor that traditional banking forgets. Dirosher requests your password from the SAT to avoid this long document review process. In this way, all your business activity is reviewed in a matter of minutes and you are given a response within 72 hours. Dirosher can offer you better interest rates according to the needs of your business. All without leaving your home (online), safely and effectively.

It is normal that you feel distrust of online loans. Check our article: How to avoid possible fraud in online loans.

Personal loans

Personal loans

Before, the time when you managed to get a personal loan was much lower compared to the months that the bank took to review all the papers of your business. Dirosher does not have personal loans, so the time in business loans should be competitive. We offer business loans in just 72 hours.

Beware, if you still prefer to request a personal loan for your business, you must separate your finances. Otherwise you can be in serious trouble when paying. The purpose of a loan for your business is to make more money as your business grows, so it is much easier to pay for it. Personal loans are for solving problems at home and your only way to settle them is with your job at that time. That is why the risks and rates vary between one and the other. It is important to separate your finances and not put your equity at risk on both sides.

Solve all your doubts before applying for a personal loan or for your business. You must know the interest rates, the term to pay and if there are commissions that you have to cover. The most important thing is that you feel safe and find the credit that your SME will grow.

The best loans for entrepreneurs

Financing through financial institutions is a recurring model for small and medium enterprises in our country. During these last years it has not been precisely a path of roses for those who wanted to launch their businesses in this way.

In fact, the difficulties in accessing credit to the company is one of the great workhorses with which it deals in the panorama of the Spanish company. Let’s review some of the credits for entrepreneurs that have been maintained in recent years, or those financing products that could better adapt to these needs. In addition to the credits there are also other ways of non-bank financing, such as Business Angels or crowdfunding platforms.

Before applying for the credit

Before applying for the credit

It should be noted that for the financial institution to grant a loan to undertake, it is necessary to comply with a series of very specific requirements. In this sense, the applicant will be required to comply with certain obligations, beyond the presentation of an idea.

Thus, among the most common requirements are:

  • The project must be viable, for which the entity will ask the applicant for documentation on the business, the business plan, balance, investments and jobs that will be created.
  • The applicant will have to prove capacity for the repayment of the debt through payment guarantees such as properties or guarantees.
  • The profile of the entrepreneur must reflect a certain strength, both personal and professional.

Credit is the basis of a country’s growth and banks have credit lines open for this purpose, so here we leave the ranking with the best credits for Entrepreneurs.

Best loans for entrepreneurs

Best loans for entrepreneurs

Most banks offer specific loans for entrepreneurs, depending on the bank some give you a maximum limit to finance yourself, while other banks finance 100% of the investment. The average return period is around 5 years and many of them eliminate commissions if you hire a business account with them. They can also incorporate the option of the deficiency, a period in which the holder will only pay the interest without amortizing the capital. We leave you the best loans for entrepreneurs

SSBA business loan

  • Maximum financing : € 50,000
  • Term : up to 7 years
  • Interest rate that will depend on the amount and the business
  • Opening commission: 0%
  • Early repayment commission: 0%

Entrepreneurs Loan and Business Microbank

  • 100% financing of the project
  • Maximum amount : € 25,000
  • Term : up to 6 years
  • Tipo fixed rate
  • Lack: 6 months
  • Without real guarantee

InDirect business loan

  • Maximum financing : € 60,000
  • Minimum financing: € 3,000
  • Term : up to 5 years
  • Interest rate: APR: 7.18% and TIN: 6.95%
  • No commissions

Loan entrepreneur Bank Sabelo

  • Financing up to 100% of the investment to be made:
  • Term : Up to 5 years
  • T ipo fixed rate
  • Lack: 12 months contracting the Business Expansion Account

Entrepreneur loans from Apobank

  • Maximum financing : € 40,000.
  • Term : up to 5 years
  • Fixed interest rate of 9.50%
  • No commissions if you sign up for the CX Business account

Also, apart from these financing alternatives, there are also other lines of credit such as those offered by the Official Credit Institute, which were specially designed with the objective of promoting and supporting the productive investments of Spanish companies. self-employed and SME projects, as well as facilitating access to credit for citizens and families.

The funds of the Official Credit Institute


The funds of the Official Credit Institute have become the financial alternative most used by Spanish entrepreneurs. After 20 years of life, in 2014 it involved an investment of 92 million euros in loans financing 300,000 national companies and self-employed workers. In 2015, the year ended with a total of 508 million euros, multiplying by five the figure of the previous period. If you want to apply for these grants, the only thing you need, according to the portal, is to develop your business activity in Spain and be up to date with payments to the Treasury and Social Security.

If you are self-employed or owner of an SME and you need financing, we expose the lines of credit offered by Credit Institute

Line Companies and entrepreneurs:

It is the financial service par excellence of the credit institute. It is intended to cover both investments (renew computer equipment) and the needs of working capital (pay payroll of employees); while doing the operations within Spain. Credit Institute established a maximum limit per customer of 12.5 million euros.

Guarantee Line:

Intended to cover investments and other needs. What differentiates it from the previous one is that it is reserved for those companies that have not obtained the approval of the bank and have to obtain an endorsement by going to a Reciprocal Guarantee Society (SGR). Also with this option you can carry out operations outside of Spain while you have your headquarters in Spain or a majority of Spanish capital. Its limit per customer is set at 2 million euros.

International Line:

As its name indicates, it is oriented to operations carried out outside of Spain. This is divided into two independent sections, depending on the duration of the loan: the first is aimed at investments and obtaining liquidity (short term), while in the second you have more financing options, such as financing the opening of the business abroad (long term). As for the limits, you can have up to 12.5 million and 25 million respectively.

Exporters Line:

Its purpose is to anticipate the collection of invoices. That is, if a company is going to sell a product to a foreign country, the Credit Institute can finance the manufacturing or shipping. This line sets a maximum of 12.5 million per customer per year.